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Our journey

Future Projects was founded in 2000 by two volunteers who had become increasingly frustrated at the social exclusion, poverty, and lack of support available in their local community. They recognised that the issues people faced on their local housing estate in Norwich could not be resolved by simply addressing one problem at a time in isolation.

So, they set about working with the local community to understand their needs and to develop projects in youth work, education, media, and information, advice and guidance. At the heart of our founders’ work was the desire to build on the strengths and assets which already exist in communities and whilst many things have changed since 2000, our approach has not.

We now deliver their mission via three core strands; Future Education, Future Radio, and Future Support.

Currently we operate from five sites across Norfolk with several teams delivering services and support directly in the communities and places they are needed most.

Future Education supports more students than ever to overcome their complex needs and engage in learning. Future Support is involved with nine major projects across Norfolk, and Future Radio has over 70 volunteers presenting, producing, and getting involved with all that is required to run a community radio station.


Our vision is of vibrant and strong communities where everybody can live independent, safe and happy lives.


Our Mission is to unlock the potential of communities experiencing hardship and deprivation by delivering high quality services and support which enable lasting change.


Organisational Values are the defining culture or guiding beliefs of an organisation – how we go about our mission. It is important that we practice what we preach, so you can expect to see these values demonstrated in everything we do:

  • Responsible: We act responsibly and hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do
  • Dedicated: We are relentlessly dedicated to our mission, care deeply for our work and our beneficiaries, and do not give up
  • Ambitious: We are demanding of ourselves and others; we set ambitious goals which push us and our beneficiaries to achieve more
  • Listening: We build meaningful relationships with the communities we serve and others by listening, understanding, and working together
  • Empowering: We are committed to empowering people to make sustainable change happen
  • Creative: We are open to new ideas, embrace change, take considered risks, and seek creative ways of finding solutions to society’s problems