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We are currently setting up a new Community Project as part of the Baseline support Services. The Project will focus on running groups to raise aspirations and opportunities within the local community. Our commitment as always is to improving and empowering the local community and working in partnership to enhance and improve individual’s circumstances. Our groups are set up in partnership with service users to ensure we shape the groups to best meet the needs of the community they serve.


Good mental wellbeing is about much more than whether or not you have a mental health problem. It means feeling good and functioning well. Some people refer to this as happiness.

There are five evidence-based steps we can all take to improve and maintain our mental well being.

  • Being Active
  • Mixing with other people
  • Learning new skills
  • Be aware of yourself and the world
  • Giving – doing things for others

Our groups will focus on these key principles in order to improve the happiness and wellbeing of those we work with.

We will be restarting our Women’s Group, Job Club and Gardening Group in the near future. We will also be setting up more groups depending on the requirements in the area.

If you have any ideas for a group or you would like to volunteer your skills to run a group please get in touch with the Baseline Manager Laura Bloomfield 07920422610.

Click Here for Groups and Activities Listings for Future Projects/Baseline

Arts and Craft Coffee Morning

Running on Thursdays

The Coffee morning is an opportunity for people to engage in social activities in a safe, friendly environment, and to develop friendships, undertake activities such as jewelry making, costume making and even Yoga a carnival or 2!

Whether you just fancy coming along for a coffee and a chat, or if you want to be more involved in your community feel free to pop in or contact Laura Bloomfield 07920422610.

For a list of activities click here

Stilt Walking for ages 10 upwards

Mondays (6:30pm - 8pm)

This runs every Monday evening from 5pm till 6pm at the Fourways Center. We undertake practice each week and will enter into carnivals and other exciting community projects. This is an exciting opportunity to come, join in and GROW in a safe friendly enviroment.

Jobs Club

Fridays (9.30am – 12.30pm)

We will work with you to:

  • evaluate your job wishes and skills
  • Use a computer and the Internet
  • Draw up or adapt a CV
  • Apply for jobs and prepare for interview
  • Develop your communication skills and increase your confidence.

welcome to the Future

The Project works with hard-to-reach groups and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. Situated in the NELM area; an area marked by significant disadvantage in learning, skills, employment, health and crime indicators.

Future is increasingly becoming a driving force for social change in the area.

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