Future Education Residential Voyage on Board the Excelsior

The Future Education has once again been offered the opportunity to take part in a residential voyage on board the Excelsior for up to 12 people (including staff). The residential is for 3 nights and 4 days. The Excelsior will leave Ipswich dock at 12pm on Tuesday the 18th of April and return on the 21st April at Lowestoft Dock.

Excelsior is a sailing boat that was built in 1921. She is owned by the Excelsior Trust, non for profit making charity which seeks to enhance the life chances of young people, especially but not only those most in need. It does so by providing young people with the opportunity to experience the adventure of sailing on excelsior (see more here: http://www.theexcelsiortrust.co.uk/).

For many years Excelsior has been a training vessel for young people and as such has been enjoyed by literally thousands of young people from East Anglia. In doing so she has helped shape lives and helped youngsters develop skills in self confidence that have enhanced their lives. Recently she has been refurbished and is berthed on the heritage quay at Lowestoft.

We intend to take 6 students on the trip: five year 11s and one year 10. The trip will be supported by the Head Teacher and two members of teaching staff.

Our aim is to help students develop self-awareness and social skills, to develop confidence and character, and to develop a range of key skills such as problem solving and teamwork.
The trip will also enable students to broaden their horizons, provide an insight to the world of work and employment opportunities.

Students will be trained in tasks to support the ship to sail – such as: hoisting sails, stowing lines, and taking turns at the helm – steering by compass. They will be entrusted with more responsibility as their skills and confidence grows over the course of the journey.

During their voyage students will work towards completing 8 lessons focusing on all aspects of sea life. Students are challenged to solve problems as a team before being asked to extend their thinking to the broader canvas of everyday life and their own situations in particular.

We will be using Norfolk County Council’s EVOLVE systems to ensure the trip is properly risk assessed and safely managed.

Pupils and staff will keep diaries of their activities and will create and share a scrapbook to capture their memories – so watch this space!

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Future is increasingly becoming a driving force for social change in the area.

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