Future Education

Future Education is an Independent Special School for boys and girls aged 13-16 that have been excluded from mainstream education and require specialist teaching, facilities, resources and adult support.

Our mission is to provide a balanced vocational, academic and personal education to pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, engaging them in learning, inspiring them to achieve, and nurturing them to become successful adults. Based in Norwich, the school can accommodate up to 44 pupils from across Norfolk and Suffolk and provides a range of additional services in education, training, outreach and family support to enable pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs to thrive.

Key information about our school – at a glance:

  • Small classes – no more than 6 pupils in each class supported by a Qualified Teacher and at least one Teaching Assistant
  • Academic qualifications – Pupils can access a range of Functional Skills, AQA Awards and GCSE qualifications in English, Maths, Science and other subjects
  • Pastoral support – every pupil has a lead Teacher who is the key point of contact for pastoral issues and for the family
  • Vocational learning – Pupils can access range of vocational on and off-site learning including trades, media and other activities – all of which are accredited
  • Therapeutic input – Therapists and clinical professionals provide additional support and implement ‘whole school secure base’ ethos and practice amongst staff
  • Wellbeing & relationships – The school views relationships and emotional wellbeing as vital to learning and works hard to build trust
  • Partnership working – Staff work closely with other agencies, pupils and their families to provide extra support and help in a range of areas
  • Engagement – staff go the extra mile to engage pupils in learning, through assertive outreach, activities, build up schedules and individualised curriculum and timetables

Future Education believes in providing a nurturing and supportive environment where pupils with diverse needs can re-engage with learning on an individual basis, whilst insisting on high standards of work and behaviour. We truly care for the pupils in our school and their families and recognise that in order to give the same access to opportunities we must treat each person as an individual. As such, everything we do is considered in the child’s best interests.

The school is overseen by a small board of Governors and is led on a day to day basis by the Head Teacher – John Butcher. John has many years’ experience as a qualified Teacher and is also a qualified Mental Health Social Worker. John brings an approach to education which is anchored in therapeutic practice and works within the secure base model of support which in turn has was developed from theories of attachment, child development and resilience.

For more information on our work in education, see the Future Education website here: futureeducation.org.uk