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A real radio station, which engages the community, builds skills and provides opportunities, through great people, music and conversation.

Future Radio is the community radio station for Norwich, it was one of the first in the country to be awarded a five year, full time community broadcast license in 2005 and is now one of the largest and longest running community radio stations in the UK. It is managed by a small team of dedicated staff and operated by over 100 members of the community, who create shows, alongside providing background production and journalism support.

Future Radio offers anyone and everyone the opportunity to get involved with radio, whether it is creating their own radio show, assisting with background production or developing their skills in the journalism side of a radio station. It is also a platform for anyone in Norwich with something to announce, promote or share. The purpose of a community radio station is to serve the community, to provide this access to radio involvement, build skills and create opportunities. But also to deliver local radio that can freely broadcast content and music for, and about, the community.

We aim to build Future Radio to be something that everyone who considers themselves a resident of Norwich enjoys listening to, on the basis that it makes them feel a real sense of community. As such, our first and last priority is always being a force for good in the community.