What can Future Projects offer partners?

At Future Projects we can provide a range of workshops, master classes, and training courses to our partners. If your organization is interested in accessing any of the following workshops either for staff training, team building, or clients of your organization please contact:

Contact: l.fox@futureprojects.org.uk
Call: 01603 250 505


Please see our PDF of available workshops


  • Studio: state of the art music studio designed and built to the highest specification in conjunction with industry professionals. Please view our brochure for more information.
  • I.T Suite: Twelve IMacs available for training loaded with audio production software, plus an interactive whiteboard for presentations and lectures.

Deck closeupDrums


  • Young Consultants: Future Projects’ Big Lottery Funded youth engagement project – the ‘BE’ Project, has developed a consultation framework to enable youth focussed organisations to engage with hard to reach young people and utilise their views and feedback to help inform organisational and service development so that services are truly accessible and effective for the young people they are aimed at. Through a series of formal and informal consultations we are able to identify and improve service delivery techniques, procedures and policy to shape mainstream services.

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The Project works with hard-to-reach groups and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. Situated in the NELM area; an area marked by significant disadvantage in learning, skills, employment, health and crime indicators.

Future is increasingly becoming a driving force for social change in the area.

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Future collaborates with many local, regional and national partners to deliver its aims and objectives. If you would like to donate please click here.

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