Our Strategy

In 2016 the Charity’s Trustees adopted the ‘Survive to Thrive’ strategy which provides the framework for ensuring that by 2020 Future Projects isn’t simply surviving, but is enabled to THRIVE.

This Strategy focuses our efforts on achieving three simple, strategic aims:

  1. Reach: growing in terms of the value, scope and scale of projects/services – increasing number of people and communities we reach and support.
  2. Financial Strength: improving sustainability and protecting services from short term financial risks. Providing opportunity for re-investment and stability.
  3. Performance and results: Improving the quality of our work and measuring our impact in a meaningful way, using evidenced based interventions and planning/programme design

Our strategy is based on the need for our charity to be sustainable and robust so that we can focus on delivering real and lasting change for people experiencing multiple and severe problems. At the midpoint of this strategy period Trustees are delighted that we have managed to strengthen the organisation, to support more people in need, and to deliver better outcomes, all at a time when funding is hard to come by and demand for our help is at an all-time high.

However, in line with our values we will remain dedicated to our mission and will continue to set ourselves ambitious goals so that our charity and the communities we support thrive!